The Light on the Hill..Matthew 5:14-16


Gordon McDonald relates a story about James Boswell, the famous biographer. Boswell often referred to a childhood memory of a day he spent fishing with his father. On that special day, his father taught him many insights that Boswell treasured for life. Many years later, someone looked up this particular day in the journal that Boswell's father kept to see what his father recorded about this significant experience in the life of his son. The journal for that day had only one sentence: "Gone fishing today with my son; a day wasted."

It is interesting to observe the difference in the perspective of the father and the son. In the mind of the son, it was one of the greatest and most meaningful days of his life. A day he would cherish and remember for years to come. But in the mind of the father, it was a day wasted.

How many times in life do we feel we have no influence and dismiss our impact on others or think our actions are a waste of time?  What we do affects others! “ For none of us lives to himself, and no man dies to himself. “ (Rom 14:7) This story emphasizes the value of relationships. It was the story of a father and his son, but it could have been a relationship between two Christians. 

Whether we spend the day on the fishing bank or on the golf course the opportunity remains. When we spend value time together sharing insights we have the potential of setting a pattern for life. This foundation has the potential of setting the stage for the rest of our life and often developing a saving relationship with God. 

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Jerry Clark